​Customer Service Unlock Your Neat Cloud Account

Unlock Your Neat Cloud Account

If you try to log in to your account unsuccessfully several times in a row, your account will be locked for security purposes. If your account is locked, please use the following steps to unlock it.

  1. After your account is locked, for security, an email notification is set to the email address associated with your account. The subject of the email will be Unlocking your Neat® Account.
    Please Note: If you do not see this email, then please check your spam and junk folder.

    This email will contain a link to unlock your account. Click the link.
  2. After clicking the link, your account will be unlocked, and you will be taken back to app.neat.com.
    Please note: You will not receive any notification that your account has been unlocked.
  3. If you know your password, you should now be able to log in. If you do not remember your password, you will have to reset it. Please click here for detailed steps to reset your password.
If you are still having trouble resolving this issue, please open a customer service ticket for assistance.

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