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Create a Spending Detail report

Learn how to create a spending detail report in the Neat Software (Lite, Premium, Business Plans). In Neat, you can create a spending detail report that aggregates the different ways that you spent money using data from the receipts that you’ve scanned.

The Neat Software can summarize and spending reports based on the following criteria:

  • Client Name
  • Receipt Date
  • Payment Type
  • Vendor Name

Follow the steps below to create your first spending detail report from a selected folder:

Before You Begin

We recommend that you create a folder and put all of the receipts that you would like to include in the spending detail report into that folder before creating the report. Click here for instructions on how to create a new folder. Please note: Only receipts can be used for spending detail reports created in Neat; other items are excluded.

Create a Spending Detail report

  1. In the Folders pane, right click on the folder containing the receipts that you would like to create an expense report for. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Create Report and click Spending Detail.
    NOTE: You can also create spending reports using Selected Items. Hold the CTRL key to select the items that you wish to report on and select Spending Detail from the Reports button in Neat’s toolbar.
  2. Note: If you need to filter the information in a folder (using the FILTER tool), then please make sure that you select all the items in the ‘Filtered Folder’ before creating the report.

    You can select all the items in the filtered folder by clicking CTRL + A (Windows), Or Command + A (Mac), or by highlighting all the files in the folder, like below.untitled

  3. Spending Detail window will appear. In this window, you will Name the report.  You even also opt to NOT include images. You can also click the blue text to select which folder Location that you would like the expense report to be saved in. Name the report. Once finished, click Create Report button.sdr3
  4. Spending Detail Created window will appear, informing you that the report has been created and saved in the folder you selected in Step 2.
  5. Click Download to download report as a PDF or Dismiss to close the window.